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Calling all wine lovers, whether you're a novice or an expert, eager to discover new flavors and share enjoyable moments.

I am Céline, a passionate sommelier, ready to take you on a unique journey by offering a selection of exceptional wines from talented vintners I have encountered during my wine escapades. Their skill and love for their terroir and vines shine through every carefully chosen bottle.

These wines, which you will taste during my workshops, reflect an environmentally conscious approach, based on organic, biodynamic, and natural practices.

However, beyond the wine itself, my workshops are above all about sharing and camaraderie.

Workshopstasting workshops

Join mefor an unforgettable sensory experience

In the comfort of your own home, as we delve into the history, passion, and philosophy behind each bottle.

Book your place now for a gastronomic discovery and unique moments at the heart of the wine world.

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Kidde Rydholm
Kidde RydholmCountry manager - Arcus WineBrands
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« I have not known Céline for a very long time, but I find her very professional and knowledgeable. I look forward to do much more business together in the future. »